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Dental Bridges Windsor

You can restore one or more missing teeth in your mouth using a dental bridge. The supporting teeth or the dental implant that has been positioned next to the gap in your smile can be fixed with dental bridges.

Here at Wonsch Dental, Our Experts Can Give You Bridges That Restore Your Smile

In order to maintain your oral health, replacing missing teeth with artificial teeth can help stop the onset of gum disease and other dental problems in the future.

Using a bridge, your dentist could:

  • Restore your tooth's natural shape and the alignment of your upper and lower teeth
  • Prevent your remaining teeth from shifting or falling out
  • Preserve the contour of your face
  • Regain the ability to talk and chew properly
Possible Complications of Missing Teeth
Basic functions like speaking and eating can be hampered by missing teeth, and these issues may get worse over time. Getting an effective treatment such as dental bridges can help avoid these potential risks, as well as improve the overall look of your smile. Leaving a gap in your teeth can exacerbate problems, and can potentially worsen them over time.
  • Leaving unfilled areas brought on by tooth loss or decay might result in further health issues as well as further bone loss. Your face may appear sunken and out of the ordinary if you have empty areas in your mouth from missing teeth.
  • A missing tooth may cause the teeth next to it to shift, which could cause issues with chewing and joint movement.
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Replace Missing Teeth

A bridge is frequently used to cover the void left by one or more lost teeth when they are located in a row. The easy and inexpensive treatment fills the gap with specially produced prosthetic teeth. Following that, dental crowns are affixed to the neighbouring teeth to keep them in place. This is a straightforward method that will help you talk more clearly and chew better.

You can fix the gaps in your mouth with dental crowns and a dental bridge so that you can smile with confidence. By giving your remaining natural teeth the stability they require to stay in place, you will not only improve your quality of life but also enhance dental health.

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Types of Dental Bridges

Traditional and implant-supported bridges are both available from Wonsch Dental. You and your dentist can talk about which choice is ideal for you during your consultation.

Traditional Bridges

These are held up on either side by crowns that have been placed on neighbouring, healthy teeth. Although this method offers remarkable stability, it cannot stop the jaw from atrophying once a tooth is lost.

Implant-Supported Bridges

On the other hand, an implant-supported bridge offers two significant benefits. First off, it doesn't involve changing good teeth and relies just on a dental implant for support. Since the implant gives the jaw the required stimulation, it will halt jaw atrophy in the meantime.

What to Expect From Your Dental Bridges Procedure

Similar to crowns, a bridge typically takes two visits to the dentist to complete. We prepare the teeth that will support the bridge during your initial appointment. This is necessary to allow the crowns to cover the supporting teeth. The pontic, which replaces the missing tooth, is held in place by these crowns.

To safeguard the supporting teeth as well as the space between them, we then take an impression of the supporting teeth and place a temporary dental bridge in that location. The permanent bridge is positioned and fitted properly on your second appointment. If the fit is satisfactory to you, we cement the bridge in place.

With proper maintenance, bridges can endure up to ten years and occasionally even longer.

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Up until tooth loss due to trauma, decay, or other causes, it can be simple to take your teeth for granted. Our caring staff is aware of the negative effects damaged or missing teeth can have on your confidence, looks, and general well-being.

You can rely on us to work together to quickly restore your smile if you are lacking teeth. Please book an appointment if you would like more information on how a dental bridge from Wonsch Dental can help you regain your confidence and smile.

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