Teeth Whitening Windsor

Wonsch Dental offers safe and effective teeth whitening, while ensuring your optimal dental health, at our dental office or at home with home teeth whitening trays.

Professional Strength Teeth Whitening

Results You Cannot Get with Over-the-Counter Teeth Whitening Products

Our professional strength teeth whitening is far more effective than products you can buy at the store; we can give you a much brighter smile.

Dentist Supervised for Safety

We examine your teeth and mouth carefully before whitening, and supervise your treatment to ensure your oral health is not negatively impacted.

We also ensure that the whitening treatment will address the cause of your discoloration. Occasionally, discolored teeth may be a sign of an oral health concern that should be treated instead.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Teeth whitening procedures that have been prescribed by your dentist are safe. Teeth whitening products may have moderate impacts on teeth, gums, fillings and crowns.

This is why it is recommended for us to examine your teeth first, to make sure the whitening process will be safe and effective for you. Most people can use and benefit from teeth whitening, and professional teeth whitening that is dentist-supervised is completely safe.

What Causes Staining and Discoloration?

Types of Staining

There are two types of staining.


Extrinsic staining are superficial discolorations on the surface of your natural tooth enamel. Usually, these are a yellow to brown color. Sometimes, polishing off surface stains is enough to restore brightness to your teeth. Our regular cleaning services can polish off most surface stains.


Intrinsic stains lie underneath the surface of the teeth, on the dentin, and are harder to remove. They are usually grey or blue.

Impact of Aging

As we age, our natural tooth enamel thins, to reveal our dentin, which is yellowish in color. Your teeth also create more dentin as you age, darkening teeth even more. Genetics also play a part in this and general discoloration of your teeth.

Diet and Health Factors

Drinking certain beverages regularly, such as coffee, tea, and red wine will stain tooth enamel, as will tobacco products. Some antibiotic medications can also stain your teeth. Your general overall health will impact the color of your teeth; certain diseases, such as liver disease, will lead to discolored teeth. A calcium deficiency will have a negative effect, as well. Trauma to a tooth, nerve degeneration, and excessive fluoride can all cause discoloration. Lastly, poor oral hygiene will have a negative impact on the color and brightness of your teeth.

Determining the Best Treatment

During our regular dental cleanings, we can remove a lot of surface staining when we polish your teeth, but many patients wish to achieve the beautiful, youthful look of a whiter smile. Our team can help with our professional teeth whitening services.

Certain teeth whitening approaches may not be very effective to whiten teeth, depending on the exact cause of the discoloration, or there may be a dental issue that needs to be addressed first. In our consultation, we will determine the best way for you to get the brighter smile you want.

We offer in-office treatment, for maximum impact and results, or at home treatments, for your convenience.

We can accurately control exactly how strong your treatment is, for your optimal results.

Female patient with her dentist during teeth whitening procedure in Windsor, ON

Take Home Teeth Whitening Gel Trays

Take-home teeth whitening trays are available, for you to do in the comfort of your own home, while still maintaining the benefits of a dentist-supervised, professional teeth whitening procedure.

The Wonsch Dental office team will coach you on how to use your whitening gel for a perfect, even effect for your best smile and avoid causing gum sensitivity. Your custom trays are created for you and can be reused again and again. We can refill your whitening gel as you need.

Get Whiter Teeth Today

Book an appointment today, and see how Wonsch Dental in Windsor can help you get a brighter smile again. We are always happy to welcome new patients.

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