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Are you trying to find a dental office in Windsor, Ontario that focuses on teeth cleaning? Or do you have to schedule an urgent appointment? We have your back!
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Caring Dental Services Near Your Home

Choose the staff at Wonsch Dental when you require dental treatments to receive outstanding care. Our Windsor, Ontario location provides a range of dental services, including tooth whitening, dental implants, regular cleanings, and more.

We work hard to keep our patients informed as part of our commitment to them. To find out more about how our practice can serve you, we encourage you to look at the FAQs listed below.

The Value of Regular Dental Exams & Oral Health

The surfaces of the teeth are extremely intricate structures that your toothbrush and floss may not always be able to completely clean. These surfaces are ideal places for plaque to accumulate and eventually lead to a variety of oral health issues like cavities and gum disease.

These conditions can be uncomfortable, and treating them is frequently more expensive than scheduling a regular preventive appointment. In the long run, you'll save a ton of time and money if you can stop dental health issues in their tracks.

Despite the fact that everyone in your family brushes their teeth every day, it's still vital for you to visit the dental hygienist for checkups and cleanings.

Our Dental Cleaning Process

One of our skilled, personable dental hygienists will perform a thorough teeth cleaning as the first step of your session. Plaque in the parts of your mouth that your toothbrush and floss can't reach will be targeted using special devices.

Your teeth will then receive a thorough polishing to get rid of any surface stains and enhance their brilliance. In order to reduce the risk of tooth decay in between treatments, we can also use dental sealants or a fluoride varnish.

Finally, we can suggest items for you to use at home to maintain your oral health.

What Does a Dental Hygienist Prevent?

There are a number of oral hygiene problems that can be avoided or controlled with regular teeth cleaning. Even if you regularly brush and floss your teeth at home, your dentist has access to tools and techniques that are able to clean your teeth more thoroughly.

Regularly visiting the dentist can also help catch potential problems before they become serious, such as periodontitis or oral cancer.

Other potential oral health issues include:
Plaque buildup
Tooth decay
Gum disease
Head or neck issues
Bad breath
Improper lymph node function
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Frequently Asked Questions

To make your teeth whiter, there are several options. Everything depends on the objectives you have for your smile. The first technique involves teeth whitening. Working with your dental team to complete this is the most successful and safest method to do teeth whitening.

The concentration of the solution used and the length of time it contacts the teeth both affect how white your teeth turn out.

Most of the time, people only link their foul breath to the food they recently ate. Although there are many additional causes, the problem is usually simple. The mouth contains a variety of microorganisms that lead to periodontal disease and cavities, as well as foul odours.

The tongue, the area around the gumline, and beneath the gum line all contain these germs. A significant difference can be made by brushing and flossing. Bad breath can also result from dry mouth brought on by taking certain drugs.

Stomach issues are a different factor that may be present. If you visit our office, we can go over personalized solutions in more depth, regardless of the cause.

Let us know if you have sensitive teeth when visiting our office. The presence of sudden, prolonged sensitivity may be a sign of tooth decay. We can discuss your options at our office. Solutions can include fillings, varnish, and specialty toothpaste.

Yes. Unfortunately, diabetes raises a person's risk for oral problems like gingivitis and gum disease. Because a diabetic's immune system is poorly equipped to handle these small infections, managing them without routine dental care can be difficult.

The greatest approach to take care of your teeth is to brush and floss correctly, yet many individuals don't know how. Please ask us about your brushing and flossing procedures when you come in for a visit if you are unsure. We would be pleased to demonstrate how to properly maintain your pearly whites.

We are fully aware of how uneasy some people may feel when entering a dental practice. Many of our patients have expressed anxiety before their upcoming dental appointments. However, we have discovered that with some of the steps we have taken at our office, clients frequently comment on how their visit went better than they had anticipated.

People experience a greater sense of calmness than they had previously imagined possible, from a warm, comforting smile upon entering the office to soothing music played via headphones as one undergoes treatment or specific freezing techniques.

We provide nitrous oxide (laughing gas) therapy for folks who are highly anxious. We apply this therapy to both kids and adults. The patient is given this gas through a nosepiece, which makes them feel incredibly calm. Although you are awake the entire time, your fingers and toes will tingle. It is frequently compared to a dream-like experience.

Wonsch Dental Cosmetic Dentistry For An Enhanced Smile

We are accepting new patients, and are proud to offer tooth cleaning and other dental procedures. Our aim is to ensure that all of our patients are happy with a new smile.

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