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Gum Reshaping Windsor

At Wonsch Dental, we always start with ensuring your optimal gum health, as healthy gums are critical for an aesthetically pleasing smile, as well as to ensure teeth stay healthy and potential future problems are held at bay.

Wonsch Dental Understands the Importance of a Beautiful, Happy Smile

We understand an attractive smile is important for your self confidence, so we offer gum reshaping services at our dental office, to help you achieve your desired look.
Cosmetic Gum Treatments

Gum reshaping through grafts or laser removal is a cosmetic procedure to achieve a more desirable gum-to-tooth ratio, for a more aesthetic smile.

Safe Cosmetic Enhancements

Gums need to be healthy to perform cosmetic dentistry on them. Wonsch Dental ensures complete gum and overall oral health, through regular dental cleaning to avoid gum disease, which destroys oral tissue and even the nearby bone, eventually causing tooth loss. Healthy gums can be safely contoured and cosmetically improved.

Gum Disease Treatments

To ensure patients are good candidates for gum reshaping, we ensure gum health is maintained through dental cleaning, scaling and root planing, and irrigation with an antimicrobial solution or use of an antibiotic, as necessary.

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Reshaping Gum Tissue With Gum Contouring

If you feel your gum-to-teeth ratio is unbalanced, with too much gum showing, or you have very thick gums that protrude noticeably, you may wish to have your gums contoured, for a more aesthetic balance.

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Expert Consultation to Determine Optimal Treatment

For your unique situation, you may need just a simple procedure or more complex contouring. Our dentists at Wonsch Dental consult with you to determine the best method to give you the results you are looking for.

Crown Lengthening

A crown lengthening procedure can help in some cases to show more of your natural tooth or teeth. The gum tissue, and occasionally bone, is reshaped around the tooth to reduce the percentage of gum showing. Small incisions separate gums from teeth so they can be reshaped. Crown lengthening can be done on only one tooth, or several, or even the entire gum line. Crown lengthening gives dramatic results immediately. There will be a recovery period of two or three months.

Laser Methods

Depending on your individual situation, this can often be quickly and easily remedied through laser technology treatments, for an instant, dramatic result. Gums look completely natural. Healing and recovery of the surgical site takes only a few days.

Gum Grafts for Gum Recession

A gum graft takes soft tissue from the roof of the mouth to transplant onto your gums if your gum tissue is thin or receding. Unlike gum contouring, a gum graft adds tissue on to gums, instead of removing excess tissue.

Gum grafts can help with receding and cover exposed tooth roots. This can also help with some oral health concerns, like tooth sensitivity and risks of tooth loss.

Gum Recession
Gum Grafts for Aesthetics
Causes of Gum Recession
Gum Recession

Gum recession is where gum tissues wear away from teeth, or are pulled back, so a tooth root becomes exposed. This can make the tooth more vulnerable to bacteria, decay, and other, larger issues.

Because recession occurs gradually, many people do not notice it until it is more extreme. Tooth sensitivity, root cavities, longer-looking teeth are common signs.

In addition to being used to halt gum recession and further dental problems, gum grafts are often used to improve the aesthetics of your gum line. They can cover overly exposed teeth, including roots.

Gum grafts may also be needed before another treatment can be started, to ensure you are a good candidate for that treatment.

Gum disease, overly-vigorous tooth brushing, grinding and clenching teeth, poor oral hygiene, and tobacco use are some of the causes of gum recession. Aging and hormonal changes are also factors.

Wonsch Dental Cosmetic Dentistry for an Enhanced Smile

We are accepting new patients, and are proud to offer gum tissue contouring and other cosmetic procedures. Our aim is to ensure that all of our patients are happy with a new smile.

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